Use your data effectively

Your booking engine, PMS system and website are all sources of data that your guests share. Your data can be segmented into personas - for example by age, nationality and interests - and can be added to the CRM system to enable targeted marketing campaigns. While the effectiveness of these campaigns can be easily measured using a conversion tracker feature.

Using advanced statistics we create segmented personas and turn your data into a powerful marketing tool. We will help you create a personalised communications strategy for each of your guests; one that will start even before they have stepped into your hotel and will last long after they have checked out. Such a truly personalised experience will drive revenue through encouraging spend and repeat bookings.

We will help you create marketing messages that can be integrated with your customer PMS, delivered by email, text, viber or WhatsApp. Communications that can be tracked and measured, to give clearly identifiable results.

Why data driven communications?

  • Cost-effective communications
  • Build ongoing relationships e.g. Personalised messages
  • Drive spend during stay
  • Drive repeat booking

By harnessing the power of data, the hospitality industry can better understand performance, cut costs, and build lasting relationships with guests.

Business intelligence (BI) is widely used in many of the world’s top sectors, including the hospitality industry. By embracing big data and analytics, hotels and other lodging facilities can better understand revenue and booking patterns, performance of promotions, and measure customer satisfaction.

Here are a few of the benefits of incorporating the m-hospitality BI solution into your hotel’s operations:

  • Easy Access to Data: m-hospitality BI solution aggregates and visualizes information from multiple sources and locations within an organization. Data are synthesized in an easy-to-understand format that allows everyone in the organization to understand and determine the factors that drive day-to-day activity.
  • Dynamic Segmentation: m-hospitality BI allows dynamic segmentation of your B2C and B2B customers based on multiple user determined criteria, thus leading to meaningful hotel specific clients segments
  • Improved Marketing: m-hospitality BI solution can help determine the success rate of advertisements, direct mail campaigns and rewards programs, allowing your hotel to tailor marketing efforts to specific guest segments and sell the right product to the right customer, the right time at the right price.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Integrating m-hospitality BI solution can help your hotel to make detailed guest profiles that include itineraries, interests and preferences. This information will allow to anticipate guest needs and offer more personalized service that will increase customer loyalty.




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